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Catwoman DIY Halloween

Updated: Nov 16, 2022

Original post date: November 2020

Resharing in honor of Halloween just 2 weeks away!

Halloween is always one of my favorite annual "holidays." I know, I know, its not really a "holiday," but I view it as one, as I always look forward to it every year- as I do with Thanksgiving or Christmas.

This year, obviously Halloween was much different than normal. In a perfect year, I host a Halloween costume party and literally go all out- party, costumes, crazy social media looks- the whole works. This year.... I had to basically do my own thing at home with just a social media centric Halloween.

For many years I've wanted to dress up as Michelle Pfeffer Catwoman from the 1992 Batman Returns movie, and this year I decided to make it happen. While I wanted to do the full on latex/pleather suit, finding one similar to what Michelle Pfeffer wore in my size (size 16/18) is damn near impossible, so I made my own! I had tons of inquiries on Instagram on how I made the costume, so I wanted to share details of how I made the look!

My Catwoman look:

I got the essentials from ELOQUII! The items I used for the basis of my look are all linked below- faux leather leggings, turtleneck, opera gloves, and boots (I linked similar below!)

I used white thread to hand sew stitching to the turtleneck, leggings, opera gloves, and corset. Since in the movie the stitching is messy or coming apart in some scenes, I didn't spend a lot of time making it perfect- I thought it looked better messy! I used the original images from Catwoman to place the stitching!

My favorite local nail queen, Paix et Amour nails made me custom Catwoman nails that I super glued onto my ELOQUII opera gloves.

Finally, I ordered the Catwoman mask and whip from Amazon to complete the look.

I hope you enjoyed Halloween 2020- and if you need a look for next year- Catwoman is a solid and fab pick!


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