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Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Picks

If you're a Nordy girl like me, then you know that every August comes one of the most anticipated sales of the year- the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale! I love shopping the anniversary sale yearly, but I have to admit this year I felt like the sales and selection wasn't quite as large as previous years. That said, we are also in a global pandemic that has greatly affected retail and the future of fashion, so I had to remind myself of this while browsing.

This year, my approach for shopping the sale (like many other aspects of COVID-19 fashion reality now), is to look for classic items that I will be able to wear for longer periods of time and comfort/lounge options for all the at-home time. Since we don't have as many events and outings now, and with the quite literal possibility of another quarantine in the fall or winter, I'm keeping things classic, comfortable, and simple that I'll be able to wear again next season and seasons after, as it may not get as much wear as I'd like this year.

Below is a round up of my favorite picks from the Nordy sale that are 1- classic and will last multiple seasons, 2- are a good value, and 3- items that have versatile styling options or are more relaxed for lounging at home. Happy shopping!!


Blonde in the District



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