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Rosslyn O2 Outdoor Office Concept

Updated: Feb 2, 2021

During my professional career, I have worked at a number of places throughout the DMV. My favorite location, however, has been Rosslyn. I worked in Rosslyn a handful of years ago and I loved going to work each day. From great lunch options, beautiful views of DC, to the activities the Rosslyn BID provides to the community, it is truly a great place to spend your work day. I always hoped to return to work in Rosslyn one day, and that time has come- all thanks to the brand new creative outdoor office concept from Rosslyn BID- O2.

O2 is Rosslyn's new outdoor, socially distant office concept located in Gateway Park geared at welcoming the community back to Rosslyn. O2 introduces the future of workplace atmospheres and was created with safety and productivity as the highest priority. The Rosslyn BID built O2 to be a safe place to make you feel connected and to inspire you during the workday with a change of scenery and literal breath of fresh air. The concept is completely outdoors - and not to mention- FREE! - and has amazing amenities to support you throughout the day. Individual workspaces and offices, free WiFi, water, a coffee and lunch ordering system, white boards, open-air meeting areas to meet with colleagues, and more, are what you can expect at O2.

I'm not sure about you, but teleworking inside, secluded at-home, 5 days a week has certainly taken a toll on my mind, body, and productivity. I know many of us have adapted by now to working from home, but I personally have found myself working longer hours with less breaks for fresh air and mental clarity. The vision for O2 is centered around workplace wellness and offers mental, physical, and social connections which I could 100% feel when I checked out O2 last week. It was a great break from the home office and really reminded me how much more productive I can be in a fresh setting.

So what do you wear to O2? Well, just like work location has evolved, so has professional workplace attire. Everything these days is based on comfort - especially when we are at home. With the rise in digital meetings, professional suiting has definitely taken a back seat. I personally have been looking at work attire with a "party on top, comfort on the bottom" view and have really leaned into fun, whimsical tops. For one, actually getting dressed every day helps me mentally; and two, providing a sense of professionalism to your colleagues *is* still important. My at-home work look flips between an easy maxi dress (for one, its comfortable though the day, and two, easy to throw on in the morning!), and depending on the meeting, I'll throw on a fun blazer or accessory accents that really let my personality shine through (note the panda shoulder pin!). On days I'm not feeling dresses, I'll wear joggers/sweatpants and pair them with a printed or embellished top. Everything is about the tops this season, I'm telling you! So, in the spirit of "party on top" dressing, I wore a maxi, fun blazer, and accessory accents, plus comfortable kicks (lets be real- at home, I'd be in slippers, lol!), to my visit to O2!

To learn more about O2 and to make a free reservation, visit:


Blonde in the District


Photography by Sam Kittner.

*This post is a sponsored partnership between Blonde in the District and Rosslyn BID. All thoughts and opinions are based off personal experience from visiting O2 and are owned solely by Blonde in the District.


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