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Socially Distant DC: The Old Lucketts Store

Today's Socially Distant DC features a bit of a road trip out of the immediate DC area, but after visiting The Old Lucketts Store today for the first time, I *had* to share this recommendation!

The Old Lucketts Store is a place that I have always wanted to visit. I first saw Lucketts Store on a bus on the way to my cousins wedding a few years ago. It looked so cool and right up my alley, so I took a mental note, vowing to make a dedicated visit one day soon. While that "one day soon" came years later (lol), the idea to visit came to me when thinking of new places to go that were safe and outdoors.

Located just an hour outside of the immediate DMV area, The Old Lucketts Store is a fabulous place to spend an afternoon. You may be wondering what is Lucketts Store? Lucketts is a fabulous shop mixing vintage, eclectic, and modern all in one - "Vintage Hip" is their tag line. You can expect to find cool, unexpected, and different home goods, decor, and furniture. The Lucketts store grounds consist of outdoor home and garden shops that are decorated beautifully for the holidays, outdoor antique booths, as well as four indoor shops. The outdoor areas alone are worth the trip, if you are not comfortable shopping indoors. You could easily spend an hour or two shopping and admiring the creatively curated holiday gardens, murals, and pop-up outdoor shops.

Since it was my first trip to Lucketts, I did venture indoors to shop at two of the four indoor shops- the main shop and The Foundry. Both shops are impeccably decorated and have the most unique treasures you won't find anywhere else. While I loved the shop experience, the indoor shops did get a bit crowded at times, so if you plan to shop inside, I'd recommend going on an off day (not a peak Sunday afternoon like I did, lol), just to have a bit more space from others. That said, I do want to point out that masks are required and enforced at Lucketts!

While I wanted to also visit the Design House, they have regulated access to avoid crowding and tickets are required in advance. We looked around the Design House grounds and I really wish I had known in advance to buy tickets- it looked SO cool inside! So, if you go, get tickets in advance!

Whether you're looking to get in the holiday spirit, shop for gifts, or shop for yourself, The Old Lucketts Store makes for a very cool experience all around.

Tips: wear comfortable shoes (the outdoor grounds are mainly gravel and the indoor shops can have high and narrow steps) and bring a fully charged phone or camera for all the pictures you'll want to take!


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