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Hillsborough Vineyards

You know that feeling when something has been going really wrong, and one good thing happens and you feel like your luck has finally turned for the better? Well, this is how I think of the lovely Hillsborough Vineyards. If you read my last post about my Harpers Ferry fail over Memorial Day weekend, then you'll understand my excitement when I saw the 'open' sign for Hillsborough Vineyards along Charles Town Pike in Purceville, VA when my husband and I were fleeing Harpers Ferry like a bat out of you know what back to DC.

We pulled into the quiet Hillsborough Vineyards and were in amazement of the gorgeous views and landscape. Since we got there as soon as they opened, we had the whole winery to ourselves as no one else had yet arrived- which made our experience even better. I decided to do a wine tasting of their HV Collection, which consists of lighter wines. This tasting included six wines for $10 and I loved them all! Seriously, I would've bought every bottle, but I instead opted for just 3- the Vidal Blanc, Serafina, and Moonstone. The Moonstone is the best dessert wine I think I've ever tasted with just the perfect amount of sweetness. Since we were the only ones in the tasting room, the sommelier gave us all her attention and the tasting experience was fantastic. The bottles of wine average about $20-30, and the quality is worth the price.

After the tasting we sat outside enjoying the amazing views sipping the Vidal Blanc in pure bliss. As I said earlier, the views and landscaping are utterly gorgeous and it quickly worked its way to the top of my list as a favorite VA winery. Everywhere you look on the property there is something pretty to look at and the views into the mountains are unbeatable. I honestly cannot wait to visit Hillsborough Winery again ASAP. Thank you, Hillsborough Vineyard, for saving not only my sanity, but our Memorial Day weekend trip!

The Winery:

Easy Summer Outfit Details:

My go-to summer style piece is a colorful maxi. A maxi is by far the easiest thing to throw on and go, all while still looking put together and stylish. Dress up your maxi by putting your hair in a high top knot and a bold lip with some jewelry, or look laid back with your hair down or in a messy side braid and minimal makeup. Here I have a minimal take on the maxi with a high top knot, very light makeup, and minimal accessories which is perfect for a day at the winery. Although my shoes aren't visible, I paired a colorful pair of orange and beige studded sandals for a fun mix of color to the print of the maxi.


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