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Retro Vibes with The ARI Creative

What inspires you to be creative? For me, its a beautiful landscape, its a piece of art that speaks to me, or most importantly- style, which to me is wearable art and really speaks to who you are as a person. For my friend and local DC artist and photographer, Apeksha of The ARI Creative, its the thought process that everyone has their own ways of being creative.

Apeksha and I met through my blogger friend, Val, about a year and a half ago when she photographed Val and I for a blogger collab shoot at the U.S. Botanical Gardens. Since that shoot, Apeksha launched The ARI Creative, focused on photography and art based services. Having worked together before, Apeksha and I got together to celebrate the launch of her new creative site with a vintage and retro inspired photo shoot. We thought the mesh of her creative eye through the lens and surrounding landscape and my love for fashion and inspiration from vintage and retro style would be a perfect fit for a shoot like this.

After lots of planning and image sharing for inspiration, we took to the streets of Old Town Alexandria one Sunday afternoon in August to create our own retro-themed storybook. Our collaboration is a work of art in itself with the Old Town streets providing the perfect canvas for my movement through style and Apeksha's eye as an artist to capture the moment in time. The location scouting was done mostly on-the-go and I'll say we lucked out with backdrops that day, but I think it's because we were both on the same page of what we wanted the shoot to be. Working with Apeksha again was a great experience and it reminded me that creativity really does come from anywhere, at any time.

To highlight Apeksha's inspiring point-of-view, I did a fun Q & A session with her focused on The ARI Creative and her ideas as an artist. Read up on the session below, and be sure to visit her website to see more of her impressive work.

Q: What made you decide to launch The ARI Creative?

I have been dabbling with the idea of doing a creative side project for years. In fact, I did a soft launch about 3 years ago. But due to limited time and other priorities wasn't able to follow through. I think the timing is right this time around. I have more know how of photography and have a solid network that's very supportive. I am excited to keep creating exciting content for The ARI Creative.

Q: What is the meaning of your brand name, The ARI Creative?

The ARI Creative is a place where I want to explore creativity and how people express it. For me, its always been art of some kind. My mom jokes that I came out of the womb doing something art related. But I know that creative outlets are different for different people. On my blog I wanted to explore that.

Q: What inspires you daily- In life and for The ARI Creative?

My best ideas come from conversations with people. I love to connect with people and understand how they see the world and that is a large part of my creative process. In fact, our retro shoot is a perfect example of that. I approached you with an idea and we were able to collaborate and create something amazing.

Q: What is your favorite creative place in the DC area? Why is it your favorite?

I love the botanical gardens. In fact, most of my pictures of flowers are shot there. There are always interesting exhibits to visit making the subject matter always interesting. My personal favorite is the orchid exhibit. I also love any mom and pop style coffee shop (Bump and Grind in Silver Spring is awesome). Usually I'll grab a latte, and my computer to do some editing. I love the atmosphere - the soft music and the slow buzz of people. Somehow its perfect for stimulating my creative juices.

Q: If you were on a deserted island and could only have drawing supplies or a camera, which would you pick?

A: Interesting! Initially, I thought my camera because photography offers instance gratification i.e. if I see something beautiful I can immediately capture it. But, I wouldn't be able prolong this because of the limited battery life. So I would have to say my drawing supplies. I think it would give me something to do while on a deserted island and I can enjoy these for a lot longer.

Stay creative, friends!


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