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Provincetown Travel Diaries: The Food & Drink

Note: This post is a Travel Tuesday re-share. In light of my upcoming trip to P-town for Labor Day, I wanted to resurface this post to the top of my feed, incase anyone finds themselves in P-town this summer and needs some food and drink recommendations! This post was originally shared September 26, 2017.

To accompany my other Provincetown Travel Diaries (The Experience & The Style), you know I had to dedicate one entry just for the food and drinks alone! Although we just has 2 short days in Provincetown, my husband David and I ate and drank our way through the town to make the most of our vacation. And I didn't feel guilty about it one bit, because calories don't count on vacation, remember? Especially in Provincetown, when all of the food and drinks are amazing, it's so hard *not* to indulge.

I had researched a few places before arriving in Provincetown, and knew we had to go to Yolk for breakfast and The Canteen for the famous frozé. We also stumbled upon some other great options just from walking around, which is sometimes the best way to find places! Below is a recap of restaurants and bars to visit if you ever (hopefully) find yourself in Provincetown!


Specialty: breakfast/brunch; Vibe: casual; Website:

Details: Yolk is a quaint spot specializing in cocktail brunch. When I say cocktail brunch, I mean they'll serve you mimosas at 8am and not even blink when you order it. How do I know this? Because David and I went here after our early morning walking tour of the town at 8am on a Saturday and we ordered the mimosa package- a bottle of champs and OJ. I was a little worried at first we'd be judged for drinking champs at 8am in the morning, but hey- we were on vacation and not driving anywhere, so I decided to live a little. For food, I had the eggs benedict and David had the mexican folded eggs. Both plates were delish and the side tater tots a nice bonus, but I was a tad bit disappointed with the kale side salad (it didn't taste very fresh, but at the same time, I'm not going to hold the kale salad standard high here- most breakfast joints don't specialize in salads, right?). We had so much fun here that we wanted to come back on Sunday, but the line was too long. This place is only open in the early morning to afternoon hours, and it stays packed. If you ever plan to go, go early- and definitely order the mimosas!

Wired Puppy

Specialty: coffee; Vibe: chill coffee house; Website:

Details: We stopped in Wired Puppy after arriving in Ptown early morning. We both needed a caffeine kick, and I loved the name of the coffee shop and all the dogs perched outside with their owners sipping on Wired Puppy coffee, so we stopped in. I had an iced mocha and David had a hazelnut latte. Both drinks tasted perfect and woke us up for our day of touring Ptown. An added plus here- its the perfect place to dog watch!!!

The Canteen

Specialty: food, drinks, and FROZE; Vibe: backyard beach party; Website:

Details: This place was by far my favorite! The vibe here was laid back and awesome, like a backyard party with beach views, oldies music blaring through the speakers, and friendly staff. This is an order and sit restaurant, with some seating inside with bright tabled that are adorned with witty sayings like "Hello Sunshine" and "Oh My Cod" to name a few. The rest of the seating is in the backyard with a number of seating options ranging from 2-tops to large tables, and even a small area on the beach. The Canteen is known for their brussel sprouts, lobster rolls, and frozé. Since I am allergic to lobster, we didn't order a roll here (although I kept pushing my husband too!), but we tried the brussel sprouts- twice!- and some other amazing items like the hot dogs and fish tacos. We liked this place so much, we went both days to relax and take in all the chill vibes, brussels, and frozé and sangria. They also have a sister property next door, named the Happy Camper, which is known for their coffee, sweets, and ice cream. I had their rice krispie treat ice cream (which I've never seen before!) and it instantly brought me to my childhood!

This was truly a feel-good restaurant and I wish we had something like this in the DC area. I'll be daydreaming of this backyard pumping Beach Boys through the speakers until I can make it back next year. Make sure you go here first on your next trip to Ptown!

Tin Pan Alley

Specialty: lunch & dinner with a bar scene Vibe: classy cool; Website:

Details: We stumbled upon this place for lunch one day and had a great time here! The front of the restaurant is a lively bar area with piano for nightly entertainment, and the back of the restaurant is a well decorated dining room and pretty beach front patio. We sat on the patio and had an excellent time admiring the water. The staff was friendly, the manager was especially helpful and nice. The drinks were great and the food was good too. The fish nuggets stood out the most and my mouth waters when I think of them! Next time, I'd like to check out the nightly entertainment as well!

Harbor Lounge

Specialty: cocktails; Vibe: Classy beach bar; Website:

Details: In terms of drinks, Harbor Lounge is a close runner up to The Canteen for my favorite spot we visited. This lounge is small, but large enough for a good crowd and is waterside with glass windows surrounding the bar for exceptional views. There is also a large pier that with high tide makes you feel as if you are floating in the water! I loved everything about this happy place from the scene, to the staff (amazing!), and their house rosé wine, which the bartender told me they'd sold over 12,000 bottles of since the start of summer! (!!!!!!). We came here 3 times during our trip and I honestly cannot wait to come back!


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