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Brainwashed in NYC

Today's post is inspired by the one and only street artist, Mr. Brainwash. I have been following his work since 2010 when I stumbled upon one of his art shows in a warehouse in the NYC Meatpacking District. The old warehouse was converted into an inspirational, mind opening playground of spattered paint and unique pop art featuring celebrities, world influencers, and meaningful words. The upbeat vibe of this show has always stuck with me and I love the positive meaning of Mr. Brainwash's work.

Although I was already a fan the minute I stepped foot in that NYC warehouse in 2010, the thing that took my fandom to infatuation was an article I saw in 2015. The article was about his collaboration with New York's Edition Hotel, where he transformed the new hotel into an artists dream in just three hours. In this article, Mr. Brainwash discussed his love for art and people and how he attempts to meld the two through his work: "It's all about building an empire around me. And my empire that I want to build is to make people smile and show them that life is beautiful. I want to help as many people as I can, and bring them into my life, and I will never stop. I'm not materialistic at all, I don't care about any of that. The only care that I have is people's hearts and trying to show them that they are a diamond and they should believe in themselves." (Source: Mr. Brainwash from an Artnet News interview.)

You could say I semi-stalk Mr. Brainwash's social media to see what he's up to and where his pop-up exhibits are. It was through his social media I learned of his Washington DC mural at Union Market and I went literally the same day to see it and snap pics before the murals were taken down or ruined. Luckily, the heart wall and his inspirational quotes are still up at Union Market and they are likely one of the most photographed places for bloggers and creatives in the area.

It was through Facebook I learned of his most recent exhibition, Brainwashed NYC, at the Taglialatella Galleries in New York's Chelsea neighborhood. I freaked out at the news, as I was heading to NYC with my Aunt and Grandma for a family wedding, and I was so excited I'd be able to catch the exhibit while in town. After a sad morning at the 911 Memorial and Museum, entering this gallery completely turned my day around. I was in complete awe of all the beautiful pictures and vibrant pop art colors and the layout of the gallery. The expansive two level gallery was turned into a full showroom of Mr. Brainwash's talent and feel good vibes, forcing me to truly remember that Life is Beautiful. I have decided that if I could pick what Heaven looks like to me, it would be this gallery- love, happiness, and uplifting messages.

I think it was my obvious fan-girling over all the works of art that lead the gallery's Art Advisor, Nicole, to spark a conversation with me. Nicole and I chatted about Mr. Brainwash and I told her of how I was first introduced to his work, and she knew all about that 2010 warehouse exhibit. It was refreshing to talk to someone who knew so much about his work and she taught me a lot about him as an artist. The welcoming feeling at this gallery was also amazing- I didn't once feel stuffy or out of place here. The entire experience from entering to leaving the gallery was truly a down-to-earth, heart-warming memory that I will cherish for a long time. Thank you to Nicole and Taglialatella Gallery for truly making my trip to NYC unforgettable.

If you are in the NYC area, please please please do yourself the favor of visiting Tagliatatella Galleries for this exhibit and future exhibits. Brainwashed NYC runs through October 16, and I can't wait to see what Mr. Brainwash has in store next.

Outfit Details: Ripped Jeans I Black Tee I Choker I Adidas I Backpack, similar here I Sunnies

Like Mr. Brainwash, I too want to make others around me feel great about themselves- through style, makeup, and lifestyle tips. You are in control of your own happiness, but it definitely helps when you have inspirations around you guiding you in the right path. To me, Mr. Brainwash is that inspiration and I find peace with myself and moved to work harder to achieve my goals of reaching all of you who read Blonde in the District, when looking at his work.


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