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Fab Friday: Varieteas

Well, friends it is officially Inauguration Day in DC. What am I doing for the events? I'm staying as far away from the National Mall as possible to avoid the crowds, riots, protests, and everything in between that we have already been seeing in the area. Did you all see a man set himself on fire earlier this week at the Trump Hotel? Yeaaaaa sorry, but none of the above sounds fun to me. Instead, I'll be watching from home nestled up on the couch with my cat curled up next to me, working, and sipping on my new selection of tea from Varieteas, a monthly tea subscription box.

I actually first heard of Varieteas from my friend, Roxanne, who worked with them about a month or two ago and really enjoyed the tea. When Varieteas contacted me I was ecstatic to work with them, based on their reputation, and based on the fact that I enjoy tea! My favorite thing about tea is the smell. I love teas that have sweet and fruity scents and I came to realize this when I was in Old Town San Diego about 5 years ago and I walked into a tea shop. The smell of the shop was incredible and that shop is what initially turned me onto tea.

A week ago, when I received the Varieteas box I was instantly transported back to that tea shop smell when I opened my January tea box. The presentation and packaging is quite good- very simple, and the tea is packaged in resealable pouches with a clear back so you can see the tea leaves, which I really liked. I instantly ripped open all three of the teas to smell them and believe me when I say they smell divine. Included in the January box is the Cranberry Orange Bliss, Cozy Caramel, and Winter Green Spice teas. Upon first glance and smell I was most excited about the Cranberry Orange Bliss tea. I tried all three teas that day, and loved them all for different reasons.

The Cranberry Orange Bliss tea tasted like pure cranberries and orange with cinnamon- perfect for any time of day. The Winter Green Spice tea was amazing and far beat the Green Tea at Starbucks I normally have (sorry Starbucks!). I was battling a sore throat the past week, so I even added honey to my cup and it tasted fantastic together and made me feel better. And lastly, the Cozy Caramel- OMG. This one is an amazing mix of black tea with caramel and the best part- its sugar-free (and a great candy substitute when you're craving sweets)! I actually drank this in the morning as a substitute to my coffee since its a high caffeine tea.

What I liked most about Varieteas, is the ease of receiving these high quality teas straight to your door. Each box comes with three hand picked tea blends varying in type, taste, and caffeine levels, and a tea strainer. The monthly subscription cost is very affordable at $19.95/month, or a single box for $23.95- both with shipping included. There are also three month, six month, or year subscription options you can buy for yourself or give as a gift. Excited to check it out for yourself? Use the code BLONDEDISTRICT for 15% off your first tea box! Varieteas is even offering an exclusive giveaway and is gifting the January Tea box to 2 lucky winners- enter on my Instagram page (giveaway closes 1/24/17 at 12pm EST. Winner must be a US resident).

For me, receiving the January tea box made tea fun again as I rarely ever pick out my own novelty teas. I also like the Varieteas mission of promoting a healthy and positive lifestyle, which is something I've been working on myself for 2017.


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