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As you may have seen on my Instagram stories, last night I was involved in what can be perceived by some as a ‘controversial’ news segment. I was invited to participate in a broadcast interview to speak candidly about being a plus size woman- specifically my experience, struggles, and acceptance.

As a body positive blogger, my goal is to be relatable to every follower and reader. One, because I value each and every one of you, and two, because body issues and self-acceptance is something a lot of women- and men- face. I decided to do the segment even though I was not provided questions in advance or given any further details than what I listed above. I knew it was a possibility this topic could turn south, but I did it anyways. My goal was to speak out on my experience and show that you can love yourself- no matter what size or shape you are.

The title of the segment was given to us at the beginning of filming. I was shocked. “Living Large.” I tried to hide my astonishment at first. Then, I got mad. This term is a terribly offensive pun to anyone who has ever struggled with weight issues. It’s insensitive and completely plays into this stereotype of being full-figured. I voiced my distaste on the title on film, and after the filming in an effort to have it changed. While my voice was heard, the original title was aired as-is.

I agreed to do this as a way to connect with women who have experienced weight issues. No matter what size a person is, we never know what they are truly going through inside. And, society hasn't been much better in helping with this delicate subject. Take Lady Gaga at the super bowl for example. This broad SLAYED the halftime show and was still fat shamed by people (idiots, if you ask me)! It's truly unbelievable. Body issues are stemmed through comments like that, and stereotypes such as “Living Large,” and affect women of all sizes- not just plus women.

My entire life I have experienced weight problems. When I was in the best shape of my life in my early 20’s, I still thought I was overweight. I looked incredible, but at the time didn’t see it because I was so set on pleasing one stupid person who told me repeatedly I was "fat".

When I started my blog I was at a similar weight I am now. I didn't want to identify as a curvy or plus blogger at the time I launched my blog because I'm on that threshold of straight sizes (whatever the F 'straight sizes' means. Why does size have to be broken into terms?). But that doesn't mean I don't struggle with the fit of straight sizes. I can tell you in my past I have left the mall and burst into tears in my car, after trying on item after item and nothing fitting right.

This is what turned me to plus. The cuts on plus items fit me better and aren't too narrow for my curvaceous body. I slowly began shopping plus more in an effort to dress myself better and flatter my shape. Then work started rolling in that fit within the curve and plus line, which is when I took the curve movement and decided this is what my brand needed to be about- accepting yourself as you are. I preach it, so I need to practice what I preach too.

When I look at myself in the mirror I don't see "large.” I see a girl with some killer curves and confidence, who is striving to be the best version of herself. I’m not “Living Large.” I’m living happy. I’m living confidently. I’m living in love. I’m living in peace. I’m living for goals.


Aside from my opinions, I do appreciate being invited on the segment. While the surrounding commentary I didn’t agree with, the segment itself was short (the majority of it was cut), but overall positive.

The one main takeaway I want to relay in this experience is to let each and every one of you know you aren’t alone in this struggle. It IS hard. It CAN be demeaning, and let’s face it- people are mean. One comment someone says to you about your body can stick with you for life. I’m encouraging you to rise above. Love yourself for who you are, stand up for yourself, and make peace with things you can’t change.

Find your confidence, friends, and let that shit soar.

Blonde in the District | Living FABULOUS

Wearing DC Plus Brand, Twelve 26.

XOXO Blonde in the District


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