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Moonglow Jewelry

Hi, my name is Dani and I am a jewel-a-holic. I love jewelry and I am always on the lookout for new and unique pieces. My jewelry collection spans vintage, to costume, to luxury, to "I can only wear this 5 times before it tarnishes"pieces, to family heirlooms, and I cherish them all. For me, jewelry is a form of expression and statement, as well as meaning. I have pieces of jewelry I wear for strength, some for memory, and some because its really trendy and in style.

I was recently introduced to a jewelry brand, Moonglow, who specializes in custom order jewelry by phase of the moon. The designs are beautiful and are completely unique and different to anything I've seen before. The focal point of the jewelry is a moon stone that represents the phase of the moon on a date of your choosing. Not only is the stone personal and meaningful, but it also glows in darkness to show the symbolism of memories that will never be forgotten. How awesome is that?!

Thanks to Moonglow, I was able to pick out an item to add to my jewelry collection. I decided on the Regio necklace with the 24'in chain, and for the date I picked my wedding anniversary of December 28, 2013. I looked at all the styles in depth, but this one stood out to me for its larger pendant and isn't similar to anything I already own. When my necklace arrived I anxiously opened it and was completely in awe! The moonstone pendant is absolutely stunning. I couldn't take my eyes off the pendant and sat admiring it for awhile before I put it on. My selection of the 24' chain size was also a great choice and the longer chain allows the stone to hang at the perfect length- but the chain also has 3 sizing options to make it shorter. Not only is the necklace gorgeous, but it is also a versatile piece that can be worn many ways, and even layered with other necklaces! And best of all- the price points are completely reasonable!

I took my new Moonglow necklace on my trip to Paris this weekend, as I knew it would go with my outfits and I wouldn't have to worry about taking other jewelry. I wore my necklace almost the entire trip as it added the perfect touch of whimsy to my outfits, and matched with everything! My husband also commented on my necklace a number of times saying how much he liked it, and he loved that its the phase of the moon for our anniversary!

While I picked the Regio style, there are so many other styles that are just as stunning and different. Whether a gift to yourself or someone else, a Moonglow item would make a great gift for birthdays, wedding anniversaries, milestones, or other celebrations. To see more of the collection, head to the Moonglow website. Also check them out on Instagram and Facebook.

*This post was sponsored by Moonglow. All thoughts, words, and pictures are my own*


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