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Sunday Spotlight: Illusions of Georgetown

I've been milling over this post for quite some time. Its taking me awhile to truly open up about what I'm calling my 'hair journey' that I've been dealing with since January. My entire blog namesake is based on my hair. It is my brand, and who I have become. In January, I had a terrible hair incident that threatened my entire brand, and resulted in a obstacle filled hair journey. My partner in this hair journey, has been Illusions of Georgetown and Shirlington, who has held my hand the entire way and paved the path.

In January, my hair was inadvertently dyed brown. Dark brown, to be exact. Out of respect, I will not publicly go into details or name the salon who ruined my hair. My hair was stripped, and re-bleached root to tip, leaving my once platinum blonde hair yellow, brittle, and extremely damaged. I left the salon in tears and worried that my hair would have to be cut short due to the extreme breakage that I knew was coming. I cried for the health of my hair, and the traumatic experience. I was treated poorly as a result of the mistake of the colorist- I was scolded when I freaked out, and still asked to pay for full services. After I left the salon that night, I never heard from the colorist again. I never received an apology or even a call or text, asking how I was doing with my disastrous hair.

The following week I turned to Illusions of Georgetown. Illusions was a business partner that I had collaborated with on various events in the previous months, and I knew they could help me. The fixing of my hair has been a tough and windy road. The first time I went in, they had to work my hair in small sections at a time to try to get the tweety bird yellow (not even joking- thats how yellow it was) out of my hair. Since my hair was damaged, their options were slim but they still did the best they could, with the limited options. I was in the salon a good 4-5 hours as Irma, the owner of Illusions, Ciera, and Amelia all worked on my hair simultaneously. They were able to greatly diminish the yellow tones and I left with platinum hair again- it was a hair miracle.

As my roots have grown and I've gone in for root touch ups, they have tried numerous techniques to get my hair just right. People don't understand the complexity that goes into a color correction process. I have learned first hand its not a one time thing. I have spent hours- literally hours- in the salon while they strategize on how to color my hair the best way possible, without damaging my hair further. They are cautious and always have the health of my hair and my scalp as a priority. Since the color correction is so complex, Illusions even asked for their Goldwell District Rep to come personally see my hair and aid them in forming a solution to my battered mane. This meant the world to me, and showed that Illusions cared that much for my hair. Stuart, the Goldwell rep, worked on my hair and got it back to the perfect milky white platinum, and I cried happiness when I saw my hair perfect again.

Illusions has taught me so much about my hair in the past 6 months. Its on the road to recovery, and is finally getting healthy again. The color is now just right. Between Irma and William with the consult of Stuart and Goldwell, the formula for my platinum blonde has been found and they have mastered the technique on covering the yellow. Can you believe 6 months later, this yellow is still a problem? I have learned as a blonde, that once you have yellow in your hair, its almost impossible to get rid of it permanently. I have learned about color and salon tips and tricks - did you know sweet 'n low is used in bleach to cut the irritation to your scalp? - and I have been inspired to try new hairstyles. Illusions has completely brought my hair back to life. My hair is so much fuller and I can now wear it in curls or in waves, rather than only stick straight. I can now go 3-4 days without washing my hair, whereas before I washed my hair daily. I now know you should never, ever, go to sleep with your hair wet or braid your hair wet. I can style my hair on my own, after learning from the stylists and actually own a curling wand again. I have learned about products, and I know how to use them. My hair has done a complete 180 with Illusions, and if anything this hair journey has taught me, is that things happen for a reason. My hair is doing better than it ever has and its all thanks to one <large> mistake.

I have seen a majority of the stylists at Illusions for a blow out or style. After having spent lots of time in the salon in the past few months, I have gotten to watch the work of the stylists and have been styled by most of them. They all are incredible. My hair has seriously never looked better in my entire life and I love that I actually have options on hair styles again. I primarily see William, for he has become like family to me during this time, and has gotten my color down to a T. Irma has also been working on my hair as well, for color, and nursing it back to health. She also now cuts and styles my husbands hair. Amanda, Ciera, Josh, Soukayna, and Megan have all styled my hair and have given me some of the best styles I have ever worn! The talent here is seriously unreal.

I'd like to thank the entire Illusions staff, and give a heartfelt shout out to Yvette, the Salon Manager and Events planner. Yvette was one of the first people I texted after the incident in January and has been a huge role in this journey. She has become a close friend, and I want to thank her for introducing me to Illusions a year ago for the Modcloth event, and for always supporting me and my brand. Illusions has been one of my closest and best partners in the DC area and I urge you to check them out for any hair service you may need.

Illusions of Georgetown

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