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My Skincare Routine

Coming in HOT, friends, today I'm dishing on my current skincare routine and skincare faves! Skincare is one of the most asked questions/requests I receive over on Instagram, and I'm super excited to share my routine with you!

I do want to preface this post with this: everyones skin is different. Things that work for me, may not work for your skin as we all have differing areas of concern. My personal areas of concern are redness, enlarged pores, sensitive skin, and anti-aging. I look for products that minimize redness, reduce pores, brighten skin, and help with the appearance of fine lines. If these areas are differing than your, I encourage you to keep reading as I do focus on some amazing brands that you can research to find products that are fit for you. Also, if you have a skin issue you can't seem to fix, I'd recommend a visit to the dermatologist to do a consult on your areas of concern.

The products I'm currently using are mostly focused on dermatoligst grade/clinical lines as I have found that this higher grade of skincare works wonders for my skin. While some of these items are a bit pricier, let me preface this with- your skin is worth it. That said, I do have some drugstore faves that I'm going to share as well. I hope my reviews on these products in the video below is helpful and if anything you're introduced to some amazing skincare brands!!

My Current Go-To Products:

This is the DefenAge Luxe Kit that I'm using- it has all of the products, plus their mask and a silk pillow case. You can see the products individually here.

Other Faves:


Blonde in the District

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