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Parrots & Prints

One thing I absolutely love about summer style is the fun, bold colors and whimsical prints that come with the season. My style has extremely evolved in the recent months after becoming an ELOQUII shopper, and the brand continues to impress me with their choices of fun prints. Take in case, the parrot skirt I am wearing. I love how it adds the perfect touch of fun to the look, plus its a great conversation starter! Whenever I wear this skirt, I have tons of people stopping me to ask about the skirt! It also adds character to a look, which is one reason I love wearing prints- especially animal prints since I love, love, love animals!

I've always been a fan of fun prints, but it wasn't until recently that I really started bringing them into my wardrobe. Now, I can't stop and I'm looking for novelty prints everywhere and wearing them every chance I get. Picking the right prints can be a bit intimidating, especially if you are used to wearing neutrals and are curvy. Thankfully, ELOQUII is fitting the bill perfecting on bringing fun and flattering novelty prints which incorporate animals and florals. I'm justing awaiting ELOQUII to make a cat print somehow (I'm not even joking....ELOQUII if you're reading this, please take this as a customer request, lol!!).

Outfit details: Studio Printed Midi Skirt in Tropical Plumes | Bodysuit | Shoes (similar) | Bag | Necklace- vintage chain belt I wrapped twice to make into a necklace! |

But in all seriousness, ELOQUII has killed the print game this season, and I've done a print roll up for curvy girls which includes my favorite ELOQUII prints and some tips below on working fun prints into your looks.

ELOQUII Print Faves:

Incorporating Prints Tips:

1. Pick a focal image for the look- be it the top, bottom, or dress, and play down the other items to really make the print stand out. For example, if you are wearing a bold printed dress, let that speak for itself and wear neutral accessories. If you're going with a bold printed skirt, pair it with a neutral top and accessories. You don't want to look cartoonish, and wearing super bold print on print can come off that way if it isn't done right.

2. Be bold and try it! A few months ago, I never would've thought I'd be wearing a striped parrot skirt. Now, I can't image not wearing the skirt! If you see a print or style you like, but think it may not work for you, try it anyways, you may be pleasantly surprised.

3. If you don't know where to start, try starting with a version of a print you already like. For example, if you like florals, go for a floral print with bolder colors or try mixing it up with a fruit print. If you like parrots, try looking for a subdued print like this skirt for instance, where the parrots are mixed in with stripes, making the stripes the focal point of the skirt, and the parrots are an added touch of fun.

4. If you are still unsure about wearing a bold print, try starting with an accessory like a purse or shoes. Kate Spade and Betsy Johnson have some great novelty purses you can start with!


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