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When Life Gives You Lemons....

....wear them!

Today's post is all about wearable fruit! That is- fruit prints, such a lemons! Its summer after all, so theres no better time than now to bring some life to your wardrobe.

I have to say, it wasn't until I went to the Amalfi Coast of Italy before I really saw the beauty of lemons. I vividly remember walking the hidden streets of Positano and coming across a gated garden where the vibrant yellow of lemons against the lush green garden and blue water in the distance caught my eye. I peered through the gates, as I had never seen lemons growing like this before in such a beautiful environment.

To be inspired in life by something is powerful- it can make us do or think something different, or, in style- it can be a canvas for us to wear. When I now see lemons I am transported to that lemon garden in Positano. It gives me feelings of happiness, so when I found this lemon off the shoulder top at Macy's, I had to buy it. After wearing this top once, I'm already hooked on lemon print and I'm searching for new apparel and accessories to feed my new lemon addiction before summers end. I've said it before and I'll say it again- fun prints can totally change your attitude. I have been living in fun prints lately as it not only makes me feel good and brings some happiness to my look, but its also a great conversation starter!

If you haven't gotten on the lemon craze yet, have no fear because I have pulled some fab lemon picks below! If you're shy of prints, start with accessories, then build your way into the apparel. If you love a print, then I suggest jumping in head first and go for printed apparel and printed accessories!

Lemon Inspired Print Picks:

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