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Ellos x The Hamptons

In August I was invited on what I'd consider one of the coolest experiences my blog has ever brought me. I was invited to an Ellos birthday celebration dinner party in The Hamptons. Ellos is a Swedish-based plus brand that launched their US footprint one year ago.

The Ellos brand is an online store that is focused on stylish and affordable fashions for women. I personally had never shopped with Ellos before this trip, and I was excited to see and feel their products in person (I'm an in-person shopper!). After seeing the product up front, I am hooked. Their designs are flattering and I like the chic basics feel of their apparel. They also have a number of show stopping prints and pieces like leather pants and leopard jackets, which is right up my alley! All of the clothing you'll see in this post is available on

For the project, I was invited to a Hamptons dinner party by Ellos and amazing model/blogger Clem of Bonjour Clem, with NYC based influencers Sarah of Curvily, Alex LaRosa, Kelly Augustine, and Lydia Hudgens. The dinner took place at a Hamptons dream house- which truly was a dream and the definition of house goals.

To start the party, we gathered in the kitchen over wine and lots of cheese, crackers, and honey- Clem introduced us to an amazing honey from the South of France which was the best honey I've ever tasted! We prepped the dinner as a group and lived up the fact we were in a beautiful kitchen in the beautiful Hamptons with beautiful people.

Next was the making of the fondue and the lobster. Clem taught us how to make the best fondue while the lobster was cooking. I can't eat lobster, but my mouth was watering the entire time as the fondue was being prepared!

Our dinner was a feast of all feasts! Between the salad and the fondue and dipping veggies, bread, and fruit, it was one of the best meals I've had in a long time. To top off the evening, we had dessert fireside in the living room, complete with pie, champagne, and laughs.

The food, company, and clothing, was all on point and made for the perfect Ellos Hamptons evening.

Thank you Ellos & Clem, for this amazing experience. To shop our looks, check out

Photography by Les Mijotes. Makeup by Zarielle.


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