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Camping Chic with Ellos

If you saw yesterday's post, then you'll know I recently embarked on an out of the box journey - camping. I attended the Devils Backbone Hoopla festival, which is a 3 day camping event filled with music, beer, food, and lots of outdoor adventure. When I was thinking of what to pack for the festival, I was stumped. I'm normally the type of person who shows up over dressed at any and all occasions, but I knew for camping I had to actually be functional. Because, lets be honest- heels in the woods just aren't cute....unless its for an editorial shoot.

Having worked with Ellos for the East Hampton Dinner Party recently, I am now very familiar with their styles and clothing. Something I love about Ellos, is the range of wearability with their styles and the very affordable price points and quality. For example, they carry a lot of great quality classic/basic pieces that can take you from day, to work, to night, in a breeze, with the majority of their items $75 or under, not including their outerwear and certain styles which still come in on average around $100-150 or less. I decided to go with all Ellos for the festival and came up with 4 very fashionable, yet practical outfits for a weekend of camping.

For the first daytime look, I decided on a black 3/4 Sleeve Knit Maxi Dress with a Poncho Pullover and pointed toe Chelsea Booties. I'm sure you're thinking, is a maxi really practical here? Well, for me it was. I'm most comfortable in dresses and I wanted something that was still breathable and light weight for when it got hot in the afternoon, but something that kept me warmer in the cooler morning temps. For the warmer afternoon temps, I tied the poncho sweater around my waist or tied it up in a knot at the front.

For an evening look to attend a special dinner with the Devils Backbone Brewmasters, I decided to dress up a bit with Faux Leather Leggings, a black Pleat Back Sweater, Chelsea Booties, and my BITD personalized jacket. The leather leggings are very comfortable and warm, so this look was not only bada*s camping chic, but it kept me warm as the sun started to set, too!

For the later part of the evening as temps fell to the low 40s, I swapped out the leather leggings with 4 pocket stretch jeggings and my BITD jean jacket for the Funnel Neck Snap Anorak and left on the pleat back sweater. This jacket was perfect for the night and it has lots of pockets, which was great to hold extra items like my mini flash light and phone.

To sleep, the Rib Trim Sleep Leggings in leopard and Drawstring Funnel Neck Sleep-Shirt not only kept me warm, but were chic enough to enjoy morning coffee outside, without having to change!

For the last day and drive home, I re-wore the 4 pocket stretch jeggings with my Love Ellos tee, a black hoodie, and the anorak jacket with the booties for ease and comfort!

Thank you Ellos, for keeping me chic while camping!


Blonde in the District


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