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Kylie Lip Kit Review

I have recently come to the conclusion that Kylie Cosmetics produces the best lipsticks, hands down. I know, some of you may be rolling your eyes, but trust me when I say- they're amazing.

It was after a binge fest of The Life of Kylie, during a dramatically emotional day for me (lol), that I decided to give the series a try. I was watching the episode where Kylie visited Peru to see the children that have benefitted from her donations to Smile Train, through Kylie Cosmetics. It was touching to see her caring donations and of which, are changing the lives of children. I told you guys, it was an emotional day, alright, so this hit me hard and I immediately pulled up the Kylie Cosmetics website and promptly ordered 2 items.

Wearing the Koko Matte Liquid Lipstick in Gorg.

I ordered a Kylie Matte Lip Kit in Twenty and a Kylie x Koko Matte Liquid Lipstick in Gorg. Gorg is a deep Burgundy and Twenty is a deep nude shade. And I'm obsessed with both. I honestly didn't know what to expect with these. I was thinking they were either going to be really good, or really bad, even though they're extremely popular. I feared they were just popular because of the name, however that is far from true.

The Matte Lip Kit consists of a matte gloss and a liner. The liner is the smoothest pencil liner I have ever used in my life. It glides right on my lips and is easy to apply. The matte gloss also goes on smoothly and dries almost instantly, creating a perfect matte pout.

The Koko Matte Liquid Lipstick does not come with a liner, but it doesn't need it! I apply it carefully by first lining my lips with the applicator, then filling them in. I over-line my lips just a bit to give them a really full look. This color is my current fave of all time for fall and I've been wearing it nonstop.

Both matte lip colors last all day. ALL DAY. I have applied the matte gloss and lipstick in the morning before work, and its still on my lips fully when I come home at night and lasts through eating/drinking. It doesn't chap my lips or dry them out whatsoever, and doesn't flake off like some matte stains.

Wearing the Matte Lip Kit in Twenty.

I seriously want Kylie matte glosses in like, every color, and I'm completely obsessed. To buy a Kylie Lip Kit, only purchase them through the Kylie Cosmetics website. This is the only place they are certified real. Even on Amazon, they are being sold by fake retailers and you can run a chance of buying a fake kit, which can be harmful to your lips and skin.

The prices are well worth the product (the Lip Kits retail at $29 and the Matte Liquid Lipstick is $17), and even with free flat rate shipping my glosses arrived pretty quickly in just a few days. I'm looking forward to ordering more, now that I know they are worth it! If you are having a hard time picking a color since its online, go for a classic red like the Mary Jane shade or a pink, as they are flattering on most skin tones. Then, once you've tried them out, you can get more adventurous!


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