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BITD XOQ Thanks + Black Friday Deals

For my third day of BITD thanks, I'm dedicating this post to one of my absolute favorite brands, ELOQUII. If you've followed BITD for some time, then you know all about my style journey with ELOQUII, and how much I love them for making quality, stylish, and well fitting clothing for women size 14-28.

ELOQUII is a brand I have been working with for almost a year. In this year I have worked on events, campaigns, and collaborations that have shaped me as a blogger, and deepened my relationship with the brand. From the launch of their pop-up back in March and appearing on local television with ELOQUII, to the BITD x XOQ Paris collab, to the opening of their permanent DC location, to most recently working on the NOIR Campaign, ELOQUII has given me chances that I am lucky to have experienced. The team has not only become close business partners, but friends. I am lucky to have such a strong relationship with the ELOQUII brand, and I value everything they stand for. Thank you, ELOQUII, for having such a positive impact on my life and style. I truly love you all.

Photo by Arielle Lewis Studios for the NOIR campaign

On this note of ELOQUII, one of the Black Friday / Cyber Monday sales I'm most excited for is theirs. First thing Friday I'm going to be making a bee-line for Pentagon City to shop their 50% off and $25 festive finds deals. I absolutely love shopping ELOQUII in person, which is why I'll be hitting the store, but you can also shop the deals online and they're even available NOW, as a preview!! I have already taken a look at the online deals and picked a few of my faves that are all on my XOQ wish list! ALSO- did you know they just launched lingerie? I mean, come on! This will be the perfect time to pick up the new line- all 50% off!

$25 Festive Finds BITD Picks:

50% Off BITD Picks:

NOIR Collection BITD Picks for 50% Off:

50% Off XOQ Lingerie BITD Picks:

Stay up-to-date on all of the Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals by visiting the ELOQUII site directly!


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