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NYFW Diaries: Part 1

Time flies when you’re having fun. That is the NYFW motto, for sure. I can’t believe its been 1 week since I was in NYC enjoying fashion everything. As you may have read in my post last week, NYFW is so much fun, but it isn’t all glamour and fun. There are some downsides to it, but hey, I’m not complaining- I take it as all part of the experience. Today I’m talking about my third NYFW experience with some tips on attending, along with the details of my favorite outfit of the weekend!

NYFW 2018 | Blonde in the District

So, to start- this fashion week was just as amazing as the last two. I went with Catherine of Dreamy Realist, and we legit had a ball. We saw some ammmmmazing shows, drank too many Tortilla Flats margs, and had some excellent meetings with brands. Our schedule was so jam packed we barely had time to breathe! To attend NYFW, it can’t just be done overnight or on a whim. You literally have to plan at least 2 months in advance, and build your schedule as invites are accepted.

This brings me to the first part of attending NYFW- show invites. This trip I had a lot of people ask about how to get invited to shows, so here’s the deal: From my personal experience, there are a few ways to get into the shows. The first way is to pitch to brands. To pitch to brands, you have to start watching the NYFW schedule 2 months out and watch it like a hawk. I’m not even joking here- I looked at the schedule daily starting a month out to see what shows were added and if there was an email associated with the show. If there was an email, I would email the brand directly and pitch myself to the brand, including my information, media kit, and why I wanted to attend. If there is no email associated, this is where the research comes in- go to google and try to find the brands media contact or PR firm and go from there. For some shows, I was invited as I have attended previous NYFWs and have been added to lists over time.

NYFW 2018 | Blonde in the District

When looking at brands to pitch to- it doesn’t hurt to approach some of the larger brands, but chances are you will get declined as many are so exclusive. Aim for newer or lesser known brands, as these brands are looking for the exposure still. Also keep in mind that show RSVPs can come in like the day of for some shows, so be prepared to be flexible. Most will start coming in 1-2 weeks out from the date of the show.

The other way to get into a show, is to attend with someone who has an invite already. Catherine and I did this a few times, and when I checked in I politely asked if I may be granted a plus one. This worked each time, just be nice and be polite. The security and PR at these shows are dealing with so many people and egos, so if you are respectful, they will appreciate the kindness.

Now, to attend the shows- the biggest thing here is to keep an open mind. There will be lines, waiting, and crowds, all for a 10-15 minute show. But its worth it. The shows I saw this season were some of the best I’ve ever seen, and you easily forget that you waited 30 minutes in the rain to get in as soon as the first model steps foot on the runway. When planning, create a schedule of all the shows you have an RSVP for and give yourself time to get from show to show.

NYFW 2018 Street Style

Now, for the outfits. NYFW is the one place where you want to GO BIG OR GO HOME. One of my favorite things about NYFW is seeing the street style and what people wear. It is such a place of style inspiration for me. So, this said- you want to bring it. But, you also want to be comfortable since you spend a lot of time on your feet. This year, I started thinking up my NYFW outfits super far in advance. For the February NYFW you have to give into account the cold, and the possibility of snow. Lucky for us, this year it wasn’t too bad, except for some crazy rain the last 2 days.

For our biggest day- Saturday, I actually had 2 looks as we were shooting content between shows with Maxey Greene (FYI she is incredible! If ever in NYC, definitely check her out for photography!). This look – my second of the day - ended up being my favorite of all of my NYFW looks, in part because of my vintage conversation sequin bomber jacket! If there is one thing you need for February NYFW, it is a bomb a$$ statement jacket, hands down.

NYFW Street Style

A statement jacket is the easiest thing to style, as it is the focal point of the entire look. You can throw a statement jacket over anything- jumpsuit/dress/jeans, and it instantly elevates your entire look with ease. While my jacket is a vintage find, I have linked some fab sequin jackets below, that will still give off the same stylish vibes! I have also linked my other accessories that you can’t miss such as fun shoes and trendy sunglasses!

My NYFW Look 1!


Blonde in the District


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