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Ms. Frizzle Fab

I don't think there is anything else I love style-wise more than a fun print. Who else remembers the TV show, The Magic School Bus from childhood? More specifically, who remembers the eccentric science teacher who was the star of the show, Ms. Frizzle and her pet lizard? Today's post is inspired by Ms. Frizzle and her fabulous print dresses that would glow or change color and were always themed with the lesson she was teaching.

Ms. Frizzle! Image from Pinterest.

This comes to mind vividly, thanks to a coworker who actually told me once that a printed cactus dress I was wearing reminded her of The Magic School Bus. I had totally forgotten about Ms. Frizzle and her fabulous dress collection until then! Since that comment, every time I see a printed dress that has animals, stars, plants, or anything else science related, I can't help but think of the fabulous science teacher powerhouse that was Ms. Frizzle.

I've got to say, whoever created Ms. Frizzle and her eccentric dresses is definitely a style setter. Even if this wasn't the goal, shops like Modcloth and even ELOQUII have made a name for themselves with similar, novelty dresses and prints. The best thing about wearing fun prints like this, in my opinion, is how it can transform your entire mood. When I wear fun prints, I feel light hearted and happy, and I always get a ton of compliments when I'm wearing something fun.

With spring right around the corner, I am itching to pull out all my fab prints which are begging to be worn! In preparation for the warmer months, and to pay homage to the Fab Ms. Frizzle, I have curated a number of items for the spring, all inspired by The Magic School Bus! In addition I'm sharing tips on how to wear prints if you are on the fence about them!

Ms. Frizzle Inspired Prints:

Tips for wearing prints:

1. If you find prints intimidating, start small. Opt for a bag, shoe, or scarf for a fun print, if wearing them on your clothes isn't your thing.

2. Or, if you love prints, I say MORE IS MORE. Look for an entire set- like a matching top/bottom and wear head to toe prints if you already love wearing a fab print!

3. Yes, you can mix prints! Typically when mixing prints, look for one large print to mix with a small print. For example, say you have a floral skirt that has a large print and you want to top it with a patterned shirt, look for a print that is smaller than the floral so the prints are complimentary.

4. Look for prints that are more classy, and not cartoonish, to avoid looking childish.

5. Have fun with it!!! Don't think about it too hard, if a print speaks to you, try it out. Experimenting with style is something I'm sure Ms. Frizzle would be a huge fan of! <Get it, experiment? Like a science experiment? LOL, I couldn't resist that pun!>

And finally, I'm dedicating this post to Evie, my style twin and youngest blog reader, who also loves Ms. Frizzle!

Evie, I even picked a few Ms. Frizzle inspired items for you, too! xoxo

Photography by Arielle Lewis Studios.


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