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My Current Favorite Hair Products

Hair care is a big deal for me. As someone who spends hours and hours in the salon to get the perfect blonde at Illusions of Georgetown, the upkeep is something that is important to me, and a must-do. I have always used hair products, but it wasn't until I started going to Illusions that I really understood the importance and necessity of using products specifically for your type or color of hair.

One thing I can count on, is always have great products that help with the color and health of my hair, that are recommended at Illusions. Most recently, Amanda, my colorist, recommended a new shampoo for me to help with the health of my hair. Especially in summer, and the more hot tools I've been exposing my hair to, it is important to protect it as heat is a large factor in damaged hair.

Since I've been trying a bunch of new products from Illusions, I wanted to share the ones I'm really loving at the moment, for anyone else who is looking to add some protection into their hair routines (if you don't use any sort of heat protection products- I suggest you start ASAP!), or looking for some hair care suggestions. Illusions has recommended all of these products to me, based on my color-treated hair and hair type and these are my current faves:

The Shampoo/Conditioner I'm Loving- Caviar Repair Instant Recovery Shampoo and Conditioner

This stuff is amazing. Amanda just turned me onto it, and I am obsessed. The shampoo and conditioner combo is filled with protein for your hair and is free of parabens, sulfates, and synthetic color. After just one use I could see a difference in the health of my hair. My hair is becoming stronger as a result of use, and it is softer than ever!

The Heat Protection Spray I Can't get Enough Of- Goldwell Just Smooth Thermal Spray Serum

Not only is the smell of this spray delicious, but I have seen a big difference in lessened hair breakage after using this for months. I use the spray on damp hair before before I blow-dry, and I'll spray it again on dry hair before using a curling wand. I also will spray a few pumps onto newly dried hair to help tame any frizziness, and it makes my hair completely sleek and smooth. It also protects color, making it great for anyone with color treated hair.

The Styling Cream That I Can't Leave the House Without- Goldwell Kerasilk Accentuating Finish Creme

I never used to use any styling cremes until going to Illusions, and now I literally cannot leave my house without adding some of this styling creme to my hair now. The creme is completely lightweight and I use it to add shine and tame my flyaways. I'll also add it to the tips of my hair if my hair is looking frizzy, and I'll add a small amount of the creme to define any texture like waves or loose curls!

<Available in-store at Illusions!>

All of the products can be purchased from Illusions of Georgetown or Shirlington. You can also book a consultation with an Illusions stylist to identify products specifically for your hair type if you are looking for a new hair routine or regiment for the summer!


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