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navabi - Global Plus Fashion

Today I'm having a serious case of the Monday blues. Anyone else? To kick these blues, I'm sharing the details of a new brand, navabi, I recently checked out, along with some travel daydreams. Why travel? To be honest, travel has been on my mind nonstop and I'm literally itching for a European trip! To deal, talking about travel is helping, as it lets me escape reality for a few minutes while I daydream of where I'd go and what I'd wear there.....

I am all about discovering new brands, especially clothing brands that cater to plus sizing. As someone who has struggled to find stylish, quality clothing in my size in the past, it literally fills me with joy when I come across a brand that offers clothing for women size 14 and up. Let me introduce navabi, a German online retailer dedicated to providing premium, quality designs for women size 12 and above. Their brand is one of the first to offer inclusive sizing worldwide, and their site is stocked with tons and tons of items.

I recently had the opportunity to partner with navabi and try them out first hand. What I loved most about the site, is the endless options of clothing. Many times plus options are very limited, but not at navabi. They have broad selections of all clothing items, plus accessories, hosiery, lingerie, shape-wear, and swimwear- at all price points. When selecting my items, I perused all 32 pages of dresses- yes, 32 pages!!!!- to see all the options. I was in dress heaven! To see 32 pages of plus dresses is so uncommon typically, so this made me really appreciate the brand even more!

I decided on a few selections like the LOST INK Tiered Chiffon Dress and AVA & ORLA Multicolored Bardot Maxi Dress- pictured within this post. The dresses are both amazing quality and fit perfectly. Quality is another reason I'm loving on navabi right now- all the items I ordered were of serious quality fabric- which is also a rare find when shopping for plus clothing!

Now for my travel destinations- if I could be anywhere right now in my navabi LOST INK Tiered Chiffon Dress, it would be Prague. I have never been to Prague, but it has been on my travel wish list for quite some time. My husband and I were recently talking about it, so it is fresh on my mind. I can perfectly envision wearing this dress while exploring the city and walking the old cobblestone streets. Did you know in Prague there is a church that has a chandelier made of human bones and skulls? How creepy, yet intriguing at the same time! When I go to Prague, it will be on my list of must-see's!

For my navabi AVA & ORLA Multicolored Bardot Maxi Dress, I'd be somewhere along the Amalfi Coast in Italy. This dress just screams happiness, and I found complete happiness in Positano, Italy, about 3 years ago. It is somewhere I have been dreaming to go back to, and this dress would be the perfect companion against the beautiful blue waters while sipping wine. I can perfectly image the sun setting against the colorful buildings and dusk sky right now. When we went to Positano, one of my favorite memories is the sunsets. The sky and clouds there is like nothing I've ever seen before!

Where are you daydreaming of traveling to right now? And what would you pack?! Whether planning for a European vacation or not, navabi should be at the top of your shopping list ;)


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