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All About New York Fashion Week (NYFW)

Around every New York Fashion Week (NYFW) season, the number one question I always get is "How do I get invited to shows?" With NYFW Fall/Winter19 coming up just around the corner, I wanted to share some old NYFW posts, but also share some tips on how to get show invites & what to expect from NYFW.

The number one thing you must do to get invites is have the courage to ask for invites. Unless you are a celeb or well rooted in the fashion industry, chances are invites will not come directly to you- especially if you have never been to a NYFW show before. If you have the courage to ask and pitch yourself for shows, then you are ready to start the process....

1. ASK for invites. This is the most important part of receiving a show invite. In order to be invited, you need to do research on the show schedule, find the shows you want to attend, find their PR/press/media contact (ahem, Google) and email them. Yes, it requires work and research, but that's just how it is. When you email the PR contacts submit who you are, why you want to attend & cover the show, and send your media sheet with your demographics and numbers.

2. Be strategic. Lets be real- you can pitch to huge powerhouses like Marc Jacobs, but the chances of getting accepted are slim (FYI I also read somewhere Marc Jacobs is the most difficult show to get invited to). Aim for newer or smaller brands who are looking for new clients and brand awareness- they will be more apt to send you an invite. Sure, if you're already asking for invites it doesn't hurt to send requests for the more popular designers (I still do, although I've never been accepted), because the worst they can say is no, but maybe you'll get lucky and they say yes!

3. Download the Fashion GPS app. This app has a list of shows and you can submit invite requests through it. I've found it to be very successful.

4. Look for other events! If you aren't having luck with shows, look for open NYFW events or parties going on (Eventbrite is a good resource). You'll still be in the NYFW mix, and you can network at the events with others in the industry. I've met some fabulous other bloggers that I still keep in touch with on social media this way!

4. Be realistic in your schedule. As the invites start coming in, it is imperative to make a schedule. I have a running google doc that I make every NYFW and share it with who I'm going with so we all can make updates to it. Having a schedule will keep you sane, trust me. Give yourself time between shows. Arrive early so you are guaranteed a place- I can't tell you how many times I arrived late to a show (like 10-15 min before scheduled start time), and the line was already at max and the show was closed off. Arrive early and be prepared to wait. Avoid scheduling shows back to back (unless they are in the same location), and give yourself an hour between shows.

5. Show up and SHOW OUT. Once you have confirmed attendance of shows, start planning your outfits! NYFW is not a time to play it safe. The more over the top, the better!

See more insight into my NYFW experiences:

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2. NYFW Diaries- With more invite & attendance rec's, see my thoughts on attending NYFW for my third season!

See more about outfits, shows, & inspo in more NYFW posts here.

*Photos by Arielle Lewis Studios in NYC*


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