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Top Street Style Trends from NYFW FW19

If you've followed along with some of my previous New York Fashion Week (NYFW) experiences, you'll know one of my favorite reasons to attend is for the Street Style. Along with all the fabulous runway shows, are the lovely people who are attending the shows and trust me when I say people show up & show out. NYFW is one of the best places to find new inspiration and see what is going to be reallllll popular in the upcoming seasons.

Last weekend I hit NYFW with my closest creative ladies and we had a blast. Inspired by the weekend and what I wore and saw people wearing to the shows, I wanted to write up my predictions on what is going to be SUPER in style the next upcoming seasons, based on the street style.

1. Hair clips. Literally 75% of women I saw at the shows had hair clips or barrettes in their hair (myself included!). From statement ones that have words like "DAMN" and "FUN", to sparkly clips with rhinestones and gems, to silver or gold shaped clips, hair accessories were SUPER in. Go get yourself your hair clips now, ladies- this trend is coming in hotttt!

2. Prints and Plaids. Leopard, Tie-Dye, zebra, plaids- all were all over the street style game.

3. Snakeskin Boots & White Boots. Both were everywhere and ranged from every style from ankle boots all the way up to thigh high boots.

4. Metallic & Neon. I saw people wearing metallic and neon on the streets and on the runways. These color schemes were everywhere and on everything from bags, jackets, shoes, pants- you name it. I expect metallic silver and neon to be a hot color for the upcoming seasons, so stock up on your metallic silver and neon duds now!

5. Suits. The suit game is still going super strong, according to street style. I saw a ton of women in suits and suit separates. Added bonus if the suit is plaid, pinstripe, or pastel colored and has some fun details like thick belts or is oversized.


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