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Current Beauty Faves

As we are just 1.5 months into 2019, I have already been neck deep in trying new skincare and beauty finds. I have been visiting Sephora more than usual to try new brands, and I have been experimenting more with skincare and hair, as well.

I've tried out some new brands that I have never tried before, and low and behold found some amazing products this way. I felt I needed a refresh on my go-to products, and I took it upon myself to try new things for the new year. Sometimes we all need a refresh, ya know? Today I'm highlighting my current fave products in beauty, skincare, and hair, in hopes to introduce you to one new faves, too!


For the past month I have been testing out the Charlotte Tilbury skincare line, courtesy of the brand. I have been familiar with the Charlotte Tilbury makeup line, but the skincare line was completely new to me. I have been using the Goddess Cleansing Ritual and Magic Eye Rescue Cream both morning and night, Charlotte's Magic Cream each morning, and Charlotte's Magic Night Cream every evening for the past 30 days. I can tell a visible difference in my skin- it looks brighter and hydrated, and my eye area looks refreshed 24/7, whereas before I was struggling with eye bags. The redness in my cheeks has also gone down, and my skin is so smooth and vibrant. I have seen a total difference in using these products the past month. Its also a plus that the packaging is pretty and the night cream smells amazing! I also love the two-step process of the Cleansing Ritual- it makes my skin feel extra clean!


As a blonde, the shampoo you use makes all the difference in the world in keeping the longevity of your color, and hair health in good condition. Using shampoo and conditioners that are made specifically for color-treated hair (blonde or not!) is so important and I am always looking for the next best thing in hair care to treat my overly processed strands. Around the holidays, I was introduced to Oribe c/o Blue Mercury. I was sent the Bright Blonde Shampoo, Conditioner, Radiance & Repair Treatment, Dry Texturing Spray, and Mystify Restyling Spray, and holy smokes- am I obsessed. First off, this is the first purple shampoo that hasn't actually made my hair purple. Second, it smells amazing; and Third, it has done wonders on keeping my blonde color cool. Most blondes struggle with brassiness or warm tones coming through, and the Oribe Blonde Shampoo definitely helps keep brassiness and warm tones at bay! I also really like the sprays and they add tons of life and body to second-day hair, or whenever my hair needs a refresh!


I'm not sure when I became obsessed with this trend, but I am seriously feeling blue eyeshadow and orange-red and hot pink lipstick! After going through a mood of all gold everything with red lipstick in 2018, I'm noticing I'm more down for tons of color and trying new brands as of recent. Right now, I'm loving the Sephora Collection Colorful Eyeshadow in Diving In, with the Sephora Collection 12hr Colorful Contour Eyeliner in My Boyfriend's Jeans (as seen above in the pic!). For lipsticks, I'm crushing on colorful lip glosses and stains like the Giorgio Armani Lip Maestro in 300, and the Smashbox Gloss Angeles Gloss in Sheen Write- Fuschia.


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