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ELOQUII, Sequins & Sales- Oh, My!

So its not surprise here that I love sequins, and its also no surprise that I love ELOQUII. It's even more of a non-shocker that I love a good sale. You're probably wondering where I'm going with this, and I'll tell you where I'm going.... straight to the ELOQUII sale!

ELOQUII x Jason Wu Dress (no longer available, but similar styles linked below)

After the holidays and right as brands are looking to get rid of all their winter inventory to make way for spring new arrivals is my favorite time to shop sales. It's during this time of year that you can score some AMAZINGGGG steals on party dresses. I personally love to hoard party dresses, as I always find a time and place to wear them. It feels even better when you do wear them, knowing you saved a lot of your hard earned money to look that good, lol.

Great, affordable party dresses can be hard to come by for women sizes 14+. When I find ones that fit I always talk myself into buying them, because its so hard to find party dresses last minute in the mall or local stores in plus sizing. I have on hand a few unworn party dresses at a time in my closet for this reason. Based on my logic, I racked up on sequins during the ELOQUII year end sale, and luckily, a number of the dresses are still available and currently marked down 40% off the sale price, or marked super low on final sale. Below you'll find my ELOQUII party dress picks that your closet needs now, and your wallet with thank you for!


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