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Mellow Yellow

When you walk into my closet it may surprise you at the range of colors and prints you may see. I have my clothing racks categorized by colors, print, or sequins, and although you may see me in colorful items most of the time, my biggest selection of colors is black. After that, its reds and pinks, blues, prints, and then sequins. Although I have a colorful closet, the one color most missing is yellow.

As a blonde, I always felt like I couldn't wear yellow. I always shied away from it, however two summers ago I bought a yellow coy print dress from ELOQUII and it completely changed my mind. I decided I *could* wear yellow, and I loved the energy it gave me. For whatever reason, I always associate the color yellow with the sun- bright, happy, and full of life. This season I've been seeing yellow everywhere and I decided that instead of "Florals for Spring" this year I'm re-quoting it "Yellows for Spring," - sorry, Meryl, lol.

What got me on my yellow kick was wearing an all new ELOQUII x Jason Wu fabulous yellow pleated midi dress on a recent Let's Talk Live DC segment with Moki Media. After putting the dress on, my energy felt vibrant, just like the sun. It reminded me of how happy this color is, and I decided I needed the dress in my life ASAP. As I've worn the dress a few times, not only do I get compliments left and right, but I can actually feel a different in my mood when wearing it. Its so crazy to think color can affect our moods that much!

In honor of "Yellows for Spring, I'm dedicating today's post to my favorite yellow picks from ELOQUII right now:

Photos by Arielle Lewis Studios at the new art installation in Old Town Alexandria.


Blonde in the District


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