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Metro 'If You See Something, Say Something' Campaign

I'm so excited that I can finally share the details of a super fun project I worked on with Metro at the beginning of last month! In support of the 'If You See Something, Say Something' campaign run by Department of Homeland Security, the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority (aka the Metro), launched a public awareness campaign featuring local voices from the DC community, including myself!!!!!

Dani Sauter Metro Campaign

When the opportunity came up, I was so excited. I take the metro throughout the week to get around the city and Old Town, and I have relied on the metro now for years. I value the safety of the metro, as well as our beloved DC, so this campaign hit close to home. The campaign engages the public in protecting our city and encourages the community to be aware of suspicious activity on the Metro and Metro Bus systems.

The campaign includes a 30 second video and accompanying voiceover that has begun airing as digital ads on Facebook, YouTube, and local radio stations. Earlier today I finally got to see my digital ad in the wild! While listening to music via YouTube at work, my video came up as an ad in between Lady Gaga songs! I was so excited!!!! Involved in the campaign were DC Food Porn, The Sport's Junkies, and Josh Norman from the Redskins, to name a few, and our ads were tailored to our unique brands. For mine, it is based off being a fashion blogger and lugging bags of clothes, makeup, and tech equipment that could look suspicious to metro riders. What's funny about this concept- is this is a legitimate scenario that has happened to me on metro before, trying to shoot a look on a moving metro car, lol!

Today I wanted to share my behind the scenes photos from the filming that took place in the WMATA metro yard in Maryland! Arielle accompanied me to the filming and snapped behind the scenes- and was even cast as an extra in the film!!! The set was a legit setup with an entire creative team and extras in a stationed metro car. The experience was so awesome, and I'm so happy to be a part of the campaign.

For the campaign, I wore an ELOQUII dress & boots. My hair was done by Josh Le.

If you see/hear the campaign in the wild, let me know! And if you see something, say something!


Blonde in the District


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