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The Gemini Twins

Last week was my 35th birthday. Last year I celebrated with a fabulous bubble gum photo shoot and 34 facts about me, so doing another post with facts about me didn't really make much sense. Instead, I decided to tap into my connection to my horoscope sign as a Gemini.

I'm a highly spiritual person and I believe in sun signs and horoscopes. I respect that people have traits associated with the day and time they were born, along with other factors. When I was born, my parents had a full astrology birth chart made for me, and a couple of years ago I found it in an old storage box from my childhood home. I read the chart in complete shock- it was spot on. I even read things I hadn't realized about myself before, but after reading, made sense to me. I find zodiac signs completely fascinating.

While some consider the Gemini sign to be two-faced and negative, I consider it the complete opposite. I do find myself walking the line between two "twin" sides of me, but its not necessarily a bad thing. I have one side that is darker and edgier, and one side that is the opposite- bright and playful. Having these two "twin" sides has its perks and I think actually makes me more adaptable and relatable to more situations and other people. I wanted to convey these "twins" in a creative outlet that was different from what I've done before.

The concept was born from two inspiration images- both of cats. Why cats, you ask? Around my 5th birthday in 1989, my parents got my childhood cat, Harry, for me, after I screamed and cried the entire drive home from a pet store when they said wouldn't let me have a kitten. I threw such a fit that my parents got home, called the pet store and asked them to hold the "white cat with the mark on his nose," and turned right back around to pick him up with me in tow. It was 30 years ago that my love of cats was born.

Fast forward 30 years. My love of cats is still alive and well and my now-kitty, Chloe, is a highlight of my life. The cat images that I am inspired by are twofold. One, I feel they embody both of my sides. One is darker and edgier, yet still glamorous; the other is bright, playful, and colorful. They both speak to me and are accurate depictions of who I am. Two, I consider these images a homage, if you will, to my childhood cat, Harry- who resembled Princess Kitty, and my current cat, Chloe- who resembles the glam kitty.

These visuals accurate portray my twin sides and the transition between. I want the images to be open to your interpretation, and given my inspiration, I hope you enjoy the concept and it opens your mind to tap further into your zodiac sign or have an astrology chart made- you may be errily surprised (in a good way!).

The creative concept was shot and edited by Arielle Lewis Studios. Arielle brought in added vision and direction throughout the shoot and helped bring the concept to life.


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