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Fun Party Shoes that Won't Kill Your Feet!

Long gone are the days of crazy high stilettos unless I know not a lot of walking and standing is involved. With party season in full swing, I wanted to share a post with cute, practical party shoes that you can wear all night without the crippling feeling of your feet hurting and throbbing by the end of the night.

Photo by Arielle Lewis Studios at The Hour. My shoes:

I'm also sharing some tips in picking shoes since my girl Kelly-Lynne of The Low Low Style recently replied to one of my IG story questions asking for tips on how to survive the night in heels! Read up below to see my picks (mostly from Nordstrom as most of my shoes are from here- and some of these I own myself!) for stylish, yet practical party shoes and my tips below on how to make sure you can be on that dance floor all night!

Tips & Fun Picks for Practical Party Shoes:

1. Take the heel into consideration. Lately I've been buying more block heels since they give more support and I generally find them more comfortable. Plus, your heel will never get caught in sidewalk cracks or cobblestones so not only can you walk, but they will generally last longer since stiletto heels can get crucified in sidewalk cracks and cobblestone!

2. If you are going to wear stilettos, take the heel height into consideration A smaller heel is definitely easier to manage, but if you want added height and prefer a taller heel, consider looking for a bootie or an ankle strap. I've found that stilettos are more comfortable if its attached to your foot somehow, lol. Plus, it makes the shoe more secure so your foot doesn't slide out of them and is easier to walk in.

3. Be creative! So you're a heels lover who, like me, can't deal with crazy heels anymore. I know, its heartbreaking, but its also super liberating to not be complaining all night that your feet hurt. Be creative in your shoe shopping and look at ways you can incorporate new shoe styles and trends into your wardrobe you may not have otherwise worn! This year I finally bought a pair of platform oxfords and I've been wearing them nonstop! I would have never considered wearing these shoes a year ago, but now I'm so happy to have them for their comfort and different style that I can wear for day OR night! You can even consider flats! If you're a heels person why not shake things up and try something new? My one rec with wearing flats to a more formal event is to make sure it has a pointy toe. Round toe flats can look too casual for evening events.

4. Make a statement. Go bold in your comfortables shoe choice and wear something that will make a stylish statement like a mini dress with patterned tights and sparkly Dr. Marten's boots. Or over the top embellishments. I mean why not? Its comfortable AND super fashion forward.

5. If you're self conscious about wearing a lower heel, be creative in what you wear with the shoe. For example, you can totally get away with a lower, more comfortable heel by wearing a fun pantsuit or longer dress- no one will even notice!!! These picks below would look great with a long dress or pantsuit!


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