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Fun & Festive Holiday Sweaters

Funny and festive is the theme of todays post! David and I were invited to an ugly sweater party this year and admittedly, neither of us owned festive ugly sweaters!

After a scouring of Amazon, I had a theme for our looks- KIMYE! Since David and I are Kanye fans, I decided on a Kanye sweater for him inspired by the I Love It song/music video, and I decided on a KIMYE sweater with Kim and Kanye with a play on words- "Oh Kim all Ye Faithful." LOL. While I was picking out sweaters for us, I came to the realization that I actually enjoy the humor of festive sweaters and took a liking to a few of them in particular!

Today I'm sharing some of my fave funny and festive holiday sweaters for men and women in case you need some Inso for your next holiday party.

Fun & Festive Holiday Sweater Picks:


Blonde in the District


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