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The Blonde Paris Diaries: 7 Fun Cafes & Restaurants to Visit

To follow along wth my Paris Diaries entries, I thought it may be fun to feature some of my fave places that I've been to in Paris! I know there are so many great places, and I still have lots more to check out, but after my handful of trips to the city of lights, these have been my favorite!

See below for my list of 7 fun cafes & restaurants in Paris & be sure to save this post for your next Parisian vacay!

7 Fun Cafes & Restaurants in Paris

1. Assemblages Paris - I happened to stumble across this place thanks solely to google maps and it being just 3 blocks from the hotel! I went here with Simply Sylvia and it’s the cutest wine bar with a delicious wine selection and the most amazing cheese board I’ve had in Paris! Plus the interior design is super cool!

2. KONG - If you want a beautiful view of Paris, a chic atmosphere, & some serious insta worthy pics, then KONG is the place. I knew of KONG from Sex & the City & I’m so glad I went to experience it!

3. Angelina - hands down the best hot chocolate you will ever have! Chloe of My Life Living Abroad made me try it and I’m so happy I did! My mouth is watering just thinking about it! There are two locations (get a reservation in advance to avoid the lines) and there is a location in Galeries Lafayette as well!

4. Le Nemours Paris - which happens to be where David was hanging out during these photos! An iconic cafe right next to Palais Royal & across from the Louvre, it’s perfect for taking a break from the hustle & bustle of touring the city!

5. Cafe de Flore - a Paris classic, this is one of my favorite places to sit and people watch on the Boulevard Saint-Germain over wine.

6. La Favorite Brasserie - David and I went here twice on our last trip since we liked it so much! The staff was so friendly and the menu has a great variety of food and drinks. Be sure to check out the cocktail menu- the cocktail names are humorous!

7. Brew Dog Le Marais - if you’re looking for a super chill beer place in Paris, this is it! With an amazing selection of beers, Brew Dog in Le Marais is a great atmosphere to relax and unwind! Plus the beers were delicious!


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