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Slippers & Sleepwear

How is everyone doing in quarantine?! I've personally had my shares of up's and down's- most recently down's, but I've been trying to remind myself to stay positive. Even though there is a lot to be sad about right now, there is also a lot to be thankful for- like having a roof over my head, or still having a job that allows me to work from home, or the fact that my family and friends are healthy. It's definitely trying times for us all, but this is the new norm and I'm guessing it will be this way for awhile so I have mentally prepared myself to embrace it.

It's also no surprise that quarantine has brought a whole shift in our day-to-day fashion. My online shopping has drastically changed from spring sandals, to spring slippers; spring dresses, to spring nightgowns; pastel colored spring short suits that I was so excited to wear this season (see my Paris Fashion Week Trends post to see what I'm talking about), to loungewear sets- the list goes on, and on.

Since we've traded our heels for slippers, and dresses for nightgowns, I decided to do a round up of fun and cute options for both that will make you feel cute & polished while bingewatcing Netflix or catching up on reading, or anything else in between. I have found that I personally feel best mentally during these times when I feel put together, even just in my apartment, and these items will do just that!


Blonde in the District


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