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Easy, comfortable wfh DRESSES

Updated: Feb 2, 2021

The global pandemic has very obviously been one of the most talked about topics of 2020. With the ongoing safer-at-home and socially distant guidelines, I've been shifting my content a bit to be more approachable in terms of COVID-19. I'm sure you've noticed from some of my more recent posts that I have been focusing on comfort, ease, and wearability, as more of the over-the-top styles I love, are sadly not getting as much wear these days. I'm not saying they won't get any wear time (helllooo, I'll totally rock a sequin dress to Trader Joe's), but they are being worn less without events and parties to go to.

That said, our comfort and easy styles do NOT have to be boring! Like many of you, I've been working from home the last few months, and if there is one thing I have learned, it's that getting up and dressed is a total mood and productivity booster. I've been wearing dresses nonstop at home as I find them more comfortable than pants/skirts AND they take much less effort to wear! A perfect maxi dress is completely effortless - it takes literally no time to style since you don't have to mix and match a top or bottom, it instantly makes you look put together, and the comfort level is through the roof.

I've been wearing this dress on repeat at home! Its no longer available on ASOS, but here are similar options:

Today I'm sharing some fave dresses from ASOS that are perfect, effortless, and easy to wear at home for WFH days- just add slippers! Added bonus that these are all work appropriate for your virtual Zoom/Teams/WebEx meetings, too!!!


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