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Every Body is a Bikini Body

At the end of July, I took a much needed girls trip to Miami Beach with my friend & creative collaborator, Arielle Lewis. The trip ended up being the perfect reset- and one I didn't realize I so badly needed after the ultra emotional May/June/July I'd had. The theme of this trip in my mind was beaches & bikinis. I wanted to manifest the fact that all bodies are bikini and beach bodies- a much needed trend that has been circling social media this season- and one that needs to remain 'trending' for the upcoming future.

To prepare for the trip, I ordered a handful of new swimsuits as I knew not only would we be spending a lot of time at the beach, but I knew we'd be creating new content, too! When deciding on new suits, I immediately went to Swimsuits For All- a brand I've purchased suits from before and have always been happy with the quality and fit. I also decided to give Good American a try- I love their workout apparel and figured I'd also like their suits - and I was right, lol!

I went out on the limb a bit and opted for suits I may not have otherwise selected- but I had made up my mind that each suit I wore would be a bikini! Because saying "all bodies are bikini bodies" is one thing- but wearing bikinis on the beach and potentially impacting other women not only through social, but in person- is a must to drive the message home! This message is something I truly believe in and want other women to believe it, too.

Below is a recap of all the bikini looks I wore on the trip, as well as the fun photos Arielle and I created while in Miami!

Look 1: Swimsuits for All x GabiFresh Bikini Set with Mesh Crop Top

This bikini set is currently on sale for $60! I love the mesh crop addition and the ability to wear it with or without!

Look 2: Swimsuits for All x GabiFresh Long Sleeve Bikini Set

This set is super fashion forward and I loved wearing it! Its currently on sale for $54!

Look 3: Swimsuits For All x GabiFresh Cup Size Wrap Underwire Bikini Set

I bought this bikini set last year in black and lived in it- so I ordered the pink set since I knew I already loved it! On sale for $50!!

Look 4: Swimsuits For All x GabiFresh Cup Size Tie Front Underwire Bikini Set

I loved the retro vibes of this set- and I'll admit I ordered it to match the beach chairs at the hotel we stayed, LOL! On sale for $59!

Look 5: Good American Leopard Bikini

Ok. I'll admit I was worried when I ordered this set that it may be too skimpy for me, but it wasn't skimpy at all once on and it was so comfortable- I love the fabric! I couldn't find the exact bottoms shown here, but I found a similar style from GA- linked below!

I'll end this post with one final note... wear the damn bikini. Life's too short.

*All photos by Arielle Lewis*


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