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Cheers to 33 & Le Diplomate

Yesterday was my 33rd birthday. While some people are weird about age, I view age as just a number. Theres no reason to get upset about age, because the way I see it- theres absolutely nothing that can be done about it. We can't go back in time, or age in reverse, so the best thing to do is just embrace it and be happy that we are given another year in life!

For my birthday this year, I decided to take it easy. To be 100% honest, I spend so much time planning and hosting events or attending events, that the thought of planning another event was just too much for me to take on. Plus, I didn't want to be disappointed when people couldn't attend or cancel- because that always happens. I just wanted to eat good food, enjoy some cocktails, and simply be without any obligations. My birthday also fell on Father's Day, making it hard to make plans, so it was best to just lay low. But, that didn't stop me from popping some champs and confetti to celebrate, because champs and confetti is always appropriate for birthdays.

Outfit details: ELOQUII dress | Kate Spade Purse and Kitty flap

Thank you to the Kate Spade in City Center DC for allowing photos on location.

Outfit photos by Snapshots by Sierra.

My husband, David, treated me to brunch at Le Diplomate, which we had never been to. I always wanted to go here, but for some reason or another, our plans would always fall through when we had made reservations. Since I'm still on a Paris high, Le Diplomate was the perfect place to spend my birthday. Trust me when I say, the hype is legit. Like, for real. The ambiance is amazing, service was fantastic, and the food was even better. I have to highlight the bread basket with fresh butter (an overload of carb goodness) and the Le Diplomate Frommages. I have no idea what the three cheeses we got were, but it was probably the best cheese I've ever had and even gave the cheese plates I had in Paris a run for their money.

For the main course, I opted for steak and eggs since it came highly recommended from the waiter, and David got the quiche. Both dishes were delicious- I've never had steak and eggs that tasted this good before in my life, and Davids quiche was also amazing. For drinks, we started with coffee- the Vietnamese Iced Coffee was soooooo good, so definitely order that if you go! We then went on to cocktails and I loved the Romarin, with St-Germain and Grapefruit. It was so good, I had 2, and I can't wait to go back for another! David tried a bourbon based cocktail, which was good, but a little too heavy for me personally. Overall, the experience was fantastic and I am looking forward to our next visit!

Overall, Le Diplomate and laying low made for a great birthday weekend and I couldn't be happier about it. Thank you all for so many wonderful birthday wishes, you guys seriously rock! Cheers to 33!


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