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#XOQ FAB Friday Feels

This picture right here ^, this is currently me celebrating the reopening of the permanent ELOQUII store here in the DC area in Pentagon City Mall. Its so crazy for me to think I have only been an ELOQUII customer less than a year, but my relationship to the brand goes way deep. ELOQUII has changed- actually, enhanced is a better word- enhanced my personal style. It has shown me that I can break out of my comfort zone and try new things. It has re-introduced me to color and prints. It has even boosted my confidence by providing shapes and styles that fit perfectly.

Today, the pop-up store closes and the permanent store will be unveiled. When the store originally opened as a temporary pop-up, I feared the day it would close. Having clothing options from a store I could run to for a last minute shopping trip before an event, or just go to browse after work, was life changing for me. My whole life shopping has been a roller coaster. Being right on the cusp of straight and plus size was always an obstacle. Straight sizes are too narrow for my figure, yet the plus options that were available in stores like Macy's or Nordstrom are terrible and I could never bring myself to dress in those awful prints and options- not to mention they fit like a potato sack. I struggled, but I made it work with limited options. Now, my options are literally endless with ELOQUII and I can be braver and take risks I couldn't before.

Luckily, there are many other women in DC who feel the same way about ELOQUII as I do and because of this, ELOQUII was able to make the store permanent. I'm excited to finally see the store in person knowing all the hard work and dedication that has gone into it. Today at 1pm I'll be going live with ELOQUII on their Instagram page to show off the new store in all its glory. This store was just what I, and many other women needed in our lives. If you haven't been to the store yet, now is the time to check it out. If you've been, go again, because from what I've seen from the BTS snaps of the store- its simply amazing.

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Not included: Rebirth of Phoenix Necklace by About Jewels


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