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DCAcar Service

Today I'll be jet setting off again for the weekend, but this time its for blog work and not vacation like last weekend. When I travel, I like to be comfortable. However, its funny I say that, because I'm taking the Mega Bus to NYC, and the chances of that being comfortable are slim, lol. But hey, thats what a $12 ticket gets you. I really wish I were riding to NYC in the comfort of a DCAcar Service luxury vehicle, but, I'll have to keep on wishing.

DCAcar Service provides luxury transportation to all of the major airports in the immediate and surrounding DC area. While their specialty is airport transportation, they are also available for transportation for parties, tours, events, etc. I recently had the pleasure of experiencing their service first hand for my trip last weekend to Provincetown, Cape Cod, on a collaboration with the brand.

The booking process for DCAcar Service is extremely easy and efficient. You can book your trip directly online and receive an instant quote, making the booking process easier than other car services I've personally used in the past. The day before my trip, I received an email confirmation with the details on my pickup and the morning of, my driver, Dodzi, was 15 minutes early and texted me upon his arrival letting me know he was onsite. It was so nice not having to deal with requesting an Uber or cab and worrying about the possibility of having to wait a long time for them to arrive, or worse- they cancel and make you late for your flight (that has totally happened to me before).

The trip to the airport was a breeze. The transport car was a luxury Suburban and it was spacious and comfortable to relax on the drive to DCA, especially since it was an early morning and I was still waking up. I didn't personally have a large bag with for me this trip, but if I had, space would definitely not have been a problem in this vehicle. The trip was enjoyable and relaxing- and most of all, luxurious! It feels so good to be dropped off at the airport in style and set the mood for the rest of my travel!

For our roundtrip transport from DCA, I requested Dodzi again since he was so friendly on the first trip. Shortly after we landed, I had a text alerting me he was onsite and to let him know when we were on our way out of the terminal so he could pick us up at the arrivals exit without us waiting. Since we didn't have checked bags, we were able to walk right out and meet Dodzi for pick up literally within 10-15 minutes of landing- such a score. The trip back was in the same luxury vehicle and it was just as nice and relaxing as the first trip.

My experience with DCAcar Service was excellent and professional. What I liked most about the service was the ease of booking, the on-time service, and the professionalism of the staff. I'd recommend DCAcar Service over other car services I have used in the area, and I welcome you to learn more about the company on their website. If you'd like to check out their services for yourself, use the code "BLONDEINTHEDISTRICT" for 5% off your transport!

Thank you, DCAcar Service, for the wonderful experience and the collaboration.


Blonde in the District


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