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Pearl-fect Holiday Fashion

Hahaha, you all know I had to title this post with a pun! Today's post is total pearl-fection, staring a trend item that is quickly gaining traction- pearls. Pearl embellishments are popping up everywhere recently, and I'm not mad about it. Being born in June, the pearl is my birthstone <well one of them, I guess Gemini's get 2 gemstones, lol> and I find pearls to be beautiful and their creation in oysters is unique and intriguing to me.

I started to notice the pearl trend over the spring/summer when both Zara and ELOQUII came out with pearl embellished sandals. The trend soon worked its way from shoes to clothing, and they're now everywhere. I recently purchased a pair of pearl jeans from ELOQUII <they're still sold out online, BUT they have them in store at Pentagon City Mall!> and I cannot stop wearing them. I wore them to the Lady Gaga concert, to date night, for Black Friday shopping at ELOQUII, and to dinner- all within a week and a half, lol! Call me obsessed, but they look amazing and they add a fashion forward touch to your overall look. They're also way easier to style than I thought they would be.

Outfit Details: Pearl Jeans <Coming Soon online, available in store> | Bomber <similar> | Lace Bodysuit | Sunnies <similar> | Booties <similar> | Dionysus Bag

With the holidays coming up, pearl embellishments can be a great alternative to those who may not be as into sequins or sparkle. They can still add polish and style, without all the glitz. If you love the sparkle <join the club!> then pearls can still be a great addition to your glitzy look! My rule of holiday style is More is More, so load on the sequins and pearls. But, if sequins isn't your thing, that's fine too- you can do More is More still with pearl embellished errthang.

<Side note to my dad who may be reading this: errthang is modern slang meaning "everything and anything">

To give you some ideas for pearl embellished errthang, I have compiled a round up of some fave accessories, shoes, and clothing <with options in various sizing>, to kick start some holiday style pearl-fection!

Pearl-fect Finds:


Blonde in the District


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