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Tweed All About It

Can I get a huge high five for fall, ya'll? (sending virtual hive-fives all around!)

Now that the weather has FINALLY dropped below 70 in DC, I'm pumped for all the clothing, shoes, and accessories to go with it- sweaters, denim, OTK boots, scarves, and TWEED print! Since I've peeped tweed, windowpane, and plaid suits all over the NYFW street style scene for the past two seasons, I'm telling you its going to be huge this fall and into winter. And to be honest, I can't get enough of it! I love the look of a polished tweed skirt suit paired with knee high boots or a plaid suit with dad sneakers for some retro vibes!

One of my favorite past times is to look at vintage and throwback fashion editorials, and this trend of patterned suits just has me all in my own fashion feelings. Emitting 1950's/60s/ & 70s vibes, I love how effortless and stylish a fabulous suit looks. If you had told me 5 years ago I'd be rocking suits on repeat like I have been, I would have laughed and said you were crazy. Almost in the same way that fashion repeats itself, I also love how style evolves.

I have seen my own style evolve over the course of 5 years (my BITD blogiversary is this month FYI!) and I couldn't be happier about it. I recently was on the hunt for an old photo I knew I had on Facebook somewhere. I spent probably about 2 hours going through all my old (and mostly private, lol) Facebook photos and for whatever reason my style caught my eye. I started paying close attention to things I was wearing or how I styled a look. It made me realize I've come a long way from my old "all black everything" outfits, and basically wearing the same types of items over and over again.

Years ago, I never would have thought to pair tweed and polka dots together, yet here we are. Just like fashions evolve, so do we. So, if you're thinking tweed and plaid is not necessarily your style, I'm encouraging you to evolve. Be open to it, and just try it out!

Some Additional Tweed & Plaid Faves:

Location- Glen Echo Park


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